Publishers are challenged on a daily basis to increase revenue from their publications, often depending on multiple sources to achieve the highest possible yield. Managing all these sources is a daunting task. RTLINX helps by offering high performance, dynamic and non-intrusive formats.

Besides offering native ads we also offer contextual text-links (without images). This allows our publishers the opportunity to integrate ads that don't change or influence the content and lay-out of their website. These text-link placements are then sold on our real time exchange at agreed floor prices. As a result, publishers are no longer solely dependent on private deals or affiliate links. Our technology will only show ads if we receive an ad request, meaning publishers can run our technology alongside existing ads, or within specific content types.

Finally, we offer publishers additional services that maximise revenue from their ad placements. Publishers can choose to switch fully to RTLINX, whereby we fill and optimise their placements with other partners. Such partners would include retargeting partners and SSPs amongst others.